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Spring Semester (April-June 2024)

Meeting Your Dream Self

New date to be announced (Virtual) $50

Join me for a 2 hour workshop on how to work with different types of dreams, and discover the importance of working with your own dreams. Come prepared to share a dream you would like to work with if you have one! No dreams? No worries, we will discuss this too!

Dreaming with Hummingbird


Tuesdays 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th (Virtual) $300

Thursdays 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. May 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th  (Virtual) $300

Join me for 4 classes centered around working with the energy of Hummingbird medicine and your dreams. Embark on the Journey of The Hummingbird, learn how to open yourself up more to your dreamworld and navigate with the strength, color, and movement of Hummingbird and the medicine that Hummingbird offers. Classes include a guided visualization and space for dream sharing.

Class 1: Charting your course. What do you need? What do you have? What does Hummingbird symbolize? Learn the basics of working with your dreams to find out what is on your map, where to go and what you will need to get there.

Class 2: Embarking on the Journey: This is where we fly, explore and bring back information we need in creative and transformative ways. Learn about how the journey is enhanced with Dream Journaling, and Dream Art Recordings.

Class 3: Sipping the Nectar: Hummingbird Journey through the Chakras. Fly through the energy centers of your chakra system with Hummingbird, collect and learn how to work with the gifts there that will power you through all of your journeys moving forward.

Class 4: Arrival: Coming home, The Return to Both Worlds. Explore what it means to live at Hummingbird level, to weave the worlds of Dreaming and Waking together, to live a more vibrant, guided and soulful life.

Dreaming with Dragons

June 2024- Date To Be Announced

Join me for classes centered around working with nightmares and the alchemical energy of Dragons. Transform your fears and open up to greater creativity. Classes include a guided visualization and space for dream sharing.


Circle of Dreams: Monthly Dream Share (virtual)

Fridays 7:00 p.m.- 9:00p.m.    January 19th, February 23rd, March 22nd, April 26th, and May 24th – $50 (per dream share attended)

Summer & Fall dates TBA

“…your dreams are social as well as individual, personal as well as transpersonal. When you make sharing dreams a regular social activity, you’ll find you bring joy and juice to any day, grow wonderful deepening friendships, and harvest essential guidance for soul and survival for navigating your life roads in this world and the many worlds.” – Robert Moss

Life in dreaming cultures included the tenant that the gifts of dreaming inherent in everyone needed to be shared for the benefit of both the individual as well as the collective. Dreams provide a rich and often untapped source of guidance for us from both subconscious and transpersonal realms. We are constantly being invited to rise to a different perspective to explore life and experience resolution. Sharing dreams with a group in an emotionally safe and confidential environment can yield an even richer source of understanding given the variety of insights that may illuminate many levels of the dream for each dreamer.

Become part of a monthly dream sharing circle, using Robert Moss’s Lightning Dreamwork Process, to unfold, explore, and build upon the guidance from your dreams, and to be part of a community of dreamers.

Journaling On: Monthly Group

Monthly (on Saturdays) – starting May 2024 – 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. – $50

*Open to people who have completed the Journaling: Writing to the Center of Who You Are course, given the intimate nature of the work shared in the group, and the need for a safe, confidential space.

Continue the Journaling Journey with a monthly virtual group where we share and discuss what is moving through your inner and outer worlds, how that is showing up on the page, and how to navigate with that wisdom. Group meetings support wherever you are with your journey, help you to be accountable to your process, and encourage the use of various prompts and journaling methods. Meetings will either include a grounding meditation, or an invitation to embark on a guided visualization, and end off with messages for the group pulled from oracle decks that can be used as a jumping off point for further journaling.

Previously Offered Courses:
Winter Semester  (January-March 2024)

Dreaming with Owl  Winter Solstice Workshop

December 21st, 7:00-9:30 pm (virtual via Zoom)   $75.

The owl of sleep coaxes you to his tree of dreams” -Northern Exposure/indigenous proverb

Journey with Owl to explore your inner world and ignite the power of dreamwork moving into the new year. The Owl is a powerful symbol of wisdom, embodying the mysteries of the night and the realm of dreams. To work with Owl medicine is to access intuition and guidance beyond the illusions in worlds both known and unknown. Join me for a 2.5 hour workshop, when we are at a point in the year where the nights are longer than the days, and where we celebrate the returning of the light. Meet with Owl and journey to the Moon. Fly back to meet the goddess, Hecate, Gatekeeper at the Crossroads, and Course Signup travel along the 3 paths to see what gifts and wisdoms are waiting to be shared with you. 

Journaling & Dreams

January 20th & January 21st, 2024    11:30am-4:30 p.m., both days  $150 each day/ $300 for both days

Location: Planet Botanix 301 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X7

*snack and beverage will be provided, please advise of any allergies*

Day 1: Journaling   $150.

Meet yourself at the page: journaling for wisdom and guidance. Having a difficult time getting into the ritual of journaling? Not sure what to write or how to make time for it? Learn about the benefits of journaling and the various ways to make it work for you in order to access your inner compass.

Day 2: Dreams      $150.

Meet your dream self: tap into your dreams for guidance and creativity. Having a difficult time remembering your dreams? Do you keep having the same dream again and again and you’re not sure why? Why do some dreams stand out years later while others fade into the mist seconds after you wake up? Dreams hold much more for us than a mere run through of the day’s events. Engage in working with your dreams to tap into deeper guidance and creativity for your waking world experience.

Each workshop is designed to stand on its own, however the two combined can take you further into working with your inner world to make the changes you would like to see in your outer world. Workshops include journaling prompts and activities, and guided visualizations. Learn to see and move towards the life that has been calling to you.

Engaging the Dream – Level One

Thursdays 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. February 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd  (Virtual) $300

Many ancient cultures believed in the importance of dreaming and the power of guidance that one receives in that liminal space we enter, often referred to as The Dreaming, or The Dreamtime. Some have even argued that the world of dreaming is the real world and the waking world is the illusion. Take “Meeting Your Dream Self” to the next level with a more intensive course on working with your dreams, and learning to navigate your waking world with the wisdom and guidance of your dreamworld. Classes incorporate guided journeys, dream journaling, and dreamsharing. Enjoy the synchronicities and gifts that come with Engaging the Dream on multiple levels.

Class 1: Invoking the Dreamer- discover why we need to work with our dreams and how to increase dream recall

Class 2: Dream Scribe- learn the 9 keys of dreaming and the art of capturing the dream on the page as you awaken your Storyteller

Class 3: Dream Sharing- engage in the time honored tradition of sharing dreams for deeper insight and guidance, on both an individual and collective level. Learn what it means to bring gifts from the dream world into your waking world.

Class 4: Dreaming Forward- utilize the skills of dream re-entry, and lucid dreaming, to move through your dream space with more confidence and creativity, and to engage with dreaming at a more interactive and co-creative level.

Journaling: Writing to the Center of Who You Are

Sundays 9:00- 10:30 a.m.

February 4th ,11th, 18th, 25th, March 3rd, 17th, 24th, April 7th & 14th $450

More than ever, we need to ground ourselves in our own stillness, retreat into our deeper wisdom, and emerge with the clarity and confidence we need to live our lives fearlessly.

Journaling is a time-honoured method of clearing space mentally and emotionally by putting your thoughts and musings into a container. When we meet ourselves on the page, we laugh, cry, vent, dream, and get inspired.

Many people express a desire and/or a knowing that journaling will help but they don’t know what to write, only write when things are not well, or don’t know how to fit it into their busy schedules.

Enter the ritual of journaling. This 9 week course will take you through eight different styles of journaling from morning pages to expressing through art, to journaling in a planner/ organizer. Daily journal prompts will be provided. Classes include guided visualizations and journal exercises. Each week we explore and practice a different method so you can access bits of wisdom from different parts of who you are. And you will discover the style and ritual that works best for you!