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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive’ HOWARD THURMAN

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That which needs to be expressed through us, often doesn’t find it’s way out easily. We are born to create, as part of Earth and all its organic laws and systems, we are natural creators. We dream. We express desire. We create. 

All too often this natural part of who we are gets pushed to the sidelines and we forget that the creative process is integral to our overall functioning, professional performance, fulfilment, and optimal well-being.

The purpose of Cheryl Grant Creative is to provide a space for people to explore a blend of creative, spiritual, and psychological classes to expand their awareness of self. This expanded awareness helps you to tap into the ability to express that which needs to be expressed through you specifically, while moving towards a life that is more in alignment with who you are, and what makes you feel alive. Classes are geared towards connecting with your center of wisdom and exploring what is moving through your inner and outer worlds. Ultimately you will be able to access and express this wisdom and creativity on the page, the canvas, or your journal, formulating maps to move towards your dreams and goals, and allowing the inspiration to light up multiple areas of your life. 

Become the Creator in your own life.

Explore Your Inner Creator

Sometimes we feel there is something deep inside, or moving through us, that we can’t quite touch our finger upon to identify. Not being able to do this can at times create a feeling of build up, pressure, sadness or anxiety, a something “not quite right”, or a desire not met. In these times, we may seek to process things out through journaling, or talking with a trusted friend or therapist. When doing this doesn’t quite do the trick, or we need to access information at that deeper level, we need to enter into non-verbal territory. The world of the non-verbal incorporates that of the Inner Child, the Inner Artist, the Dreamer, and the Creator. This is the world of dream, metaphor, and art.

The Power of Dreams:

Choose a dream to play with, it can be a past dream that still stands out for you, a more recent dream, or even a daydream you tend to have. Dream fragments count, it doesn’t have to be a start-to-finish dream. Write about it in present tense, as if is a story, or movie you are starring in.  
What title would you give this dream?
Write a bit about a character, or location, of the dream.
Get creative and play the dream forward, what happens next? 
Draw a scene that stands out to you in the dream. Feel free to add words or comments or text bubbles reflecting additional information even if you don’t remember if that actually happened in the dream.

Real magic is the art of bringing gifts from a deeper world into this world” -Robert Moss

Dreams hold keys that unlock a deeper awareness and wisdom that exists inside of each of us. This unlocking can help you to overcome obstacles and move more confidently in the direction of the life you want to live.

The Power of Image:

Mossy old stone window

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control”- Julia Cameron

Images transport us into scenes and stories that reflect limits and possibilities. We cannot transform what we cannot see, or have awareness of. Engage in the power of imagery to gain a deeper knowledge of who you are, and to expand on the possibilities for your growth and goals.

The Power of Story: 

Tiny Chest

You are the Hero of your own Story. The privilege of a Lifetime is being who you are.”- Joesph Campbell

Stories are powerful and tend to capture our attention, imagination, and beliefs around what is, and what is not possible. Activate your Inner Storyteller to see what stories you hold, and ignite the storyline of the life you most want to create.

The Power of Dreams

You enter a world every night, every time you close your eyes and pass through the veil between waking and sleeping. What you encounter there can be exciting, illuminating, challenging, confusing, and inspiring. Sometimes you awaken with a fresh perspective on a situation, or feeling like you have touched upon a wisdom that you have been searching for. Sometimes you awaken with wonder and confusion at the mystery that you were part of, and sometimes it feels as if you just dreamt about the contents of the day but with a twist. Dreams are ephemeral and shapeshifting, often clothed in metaphor and symbolism, yet have been combed through over many millennia for wisdom, guidance, and inspiration. Allow yourself to dream, to engage in the practice of retrieving, working with and sharing your dreams, for guidance, for wisdom, connection, and for the joy of creating.


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The Power of Image

Images allow us to enter into the realm of emotion and story in a visceral and elemental way. Through the portal of an image, we are connected to our Inner Child, our Artist, our Storyteller, to universal archetypes and collective stories. Images in both our outer and inner worlds can transport us to places of possibility, unlocking that which may have previously limited us. 

Image is also a powerful and useful tool for accessing the non-verbal information deep inside of us. What we project, onto or receive from an image, can be very informative in identifying a block, a story we carry, a pattern we repeat, our potential, and even a dream we are moving towards. 

With this in mind, I often use Tarot cards to evoke a sense of story- what do you see in the card? Is this indicative of what is unfolding in your life that you are having an issue with? Or is this what you would like to have in your life? Aside from the esoteric value, and meaning, inherent in this age old “book of the Self”, the images are helpful for assessing what is being projected onto the card (both positive and negative). The images are also helpful for accessing what can often be captured non-verbally, that needs to be identified and expressed, and either embraced or released. 

Tarot card images are used in my classes as jumping off points for writing, journaling, or drawing exercises, as well as guided visualizations that can often be quite useful in terms of both relaxation, mindfulness, and accessing deeper wisdom. 


Mossy old stone window

The Power of Story

A story can create chains that bind, a story can also break those same chains and lead to a freedom we could only imagine. Imagination is a key trait that is underrated in human nature. There is power in what we dream, and where we can go when we let our imagination take us there. When we take action on our dreams, on the sparks that come to us in our day dreams, whispers of the soul’s desire, moments of inspiration, and our night dreams, we move towards the life we want to live, and most importantly, we feel alive in doing so.

We activate our Inner Storytellers when we can see a situation and engage from different perspectives, when we connect with others in a larger sense of shared story, and when we move towards the dreams that call out to us, engaging us more in the weaving of our own Soul Story. The Storyteller also shows up in our dream work, journaling, and our creative writing adventures.

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